A place to learn from home about the beauty and wonder of our planet: #EarthSchool (May 11, 2020)

So far, it’s been a year that we will never forget. Yet, in these difficult times, so many individuals, groups and organisations are lending a helping hand. In a unique collaboration, the United Nations Environment Programme and TED-Ed decided to help out in their own way by creating Earth School, a virtual learning programme for students, parents and teachers who are current at home.

Earth School is full of really great stuff!

During participation in Earth School, students take a 30-day adventure through the natural world. There are 30 “Quests” that help students understand and celebrate the environment, while considering their role within it. The Quests include videos, reading materials and other activities and are translated into 10 different languages! All of these resources are online and available for free on TED-Ed’s website.

Last week, the Quests were about “The Nature of Change.” Not only do these Quests include fun, interesting videos, there are hands-on experiments to do to help students learn about water, air, energy, climate and habitat. Students get to learn about these essential elements and systems for our Planet Earth and get answers to big questions like, “how big is the ocean really?” and, “why is biodiversity important?”

Calling all Students!!

Earth School is set to run between Earth Day and World Environment Day, spanning 6 weeks of learning. But don’t worry: if you haven’t started the Quests already, you can still join the programme! All the Quests that have already been assigned are still available on the website and a new Quest will be assigned each weekday until June 2.

Join in today to learn more, create and act to make our Planet Earth a cleaner, greener place to be!